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We work together to develop modern, adaptable, and cost effective solutions for the federal budget community's process, technology, and human capital needs.



Learn what federal agencies are using for automation, data collection, and collaboration. We work with our Partner Agencies to pool our knowledge and resources and develop solutions to common budget challenges.


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Take advantage of our free budget training modules and career development materials; sit in on technology courses, panel discussions, and brownbag sessions with budget process experts; and attend our Forums, where you will meet and learn from other passionate budget professionals.


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Let us know how we can make your life easier by submitting an idea for a project, or join the conversation by signing up to be a part of a workgroup. We are always interested in hearing about the cool things that agencies are working on!

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Who is the Budget LoB?

The Budget Formulation and Execution Line of Business, known as the Budget LoB, is a partnership between the Program Management Office (PMO) housed at the Department of Education, the Budget Systems Branch at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and over two dozen Partner Agency budget offices. The PMO is a dedicated team of budget and technology problem solvers. OMB supports use cases through technology design and development. Partner Agencies guide the scope and mission of the Budget LoB and collaborate with the PMO to develop solutions. Together, we support the federal budget community by examining commonalities and complexities in agency processes. We have a passion for creative ideas and innovation.

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How does the Budget LoB go about finding solutions?

We start new projects with a conversation around challenges that Partner Agencies are experiencing and how we can work together to find a solution. This conversation may lead to a demonstration of a potential technology, process, or training solution, often one used by another federal agency since our best solutions are ones that have broad applicability. Then we move onto the discovery process, where we define your agency's unique needs. For technology solutions, the PMO builds a prototype of the solution, making refinements and conducting user testing. Finally, the agency pilots the solution with a limited user base and moves to a live production environment. We work in an agile environment; meaning new solutions are always around the corner.

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Who do we work with?

The PMO actively engages with over two dozen Partner Agencies across the Federal Government and anyone else with ideas to share. We would love to hear your ideas, have you join the conversation, and learn more through our resources and training opportunities.

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Why work with the Budget LoB?

Free yourself up to focus on your mission. Spend less time and money on administrative burden by finding innovative and streamlined solutions for your agency. Become a part of a growing movement of cross-agency collaborators who also have a passion for transforming how government works.

What makes the Budget LoB unique?

The Budget LoB is the only E-Gov initiative that was created at the request of the community we serve. Funding is contributed voluntarily by Partner Agencies.

What are the Budget LoB's specialties?

We have three major focus areas: Processes, Technology, and Training & Career Development. We look for common solutions, efficiencies, and cost savings; we build tools with the entire federal budget community in mind; and we foster communities that encourage personal and professional growth.

What is is a Federal Government-wide shared service that provides advanced collaboration, information sharing, data collection, publishing, and analytical capabilities. Originally created to support the federal budget community, now serves as a platform of resources that many find useful, whether they work in budget offices or elsewhere across the Federal Government.

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What can the Budget LoB offer you right now?

We offer a wide array of training opportunities, both online (interactive courses on Budget Execution, Budget Formulation, and Appropriations Law) and in-person (Intro and Advanced Excel, MAX Basics, and more). We have developed sustainable solutions with our Partner Agencies that we have been able to reproduce quickly and efficiently for a number of other agencies (e.g., an Apportionment Manager, a customizable Budget Portal, automated workflows for Congressional Questions for the Record, and a Project Management tool). Our Task Force meets monthly to share best practices and resources amongst our Partner Agencies and we produce a monthly newsletter that provides the latest budget news and resources to the federal budget community.

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How can you get involved?

Federal budget staff can get involved in a variety of ways: send the PMO your ideas, join one of our workgroups or the Task Force, attend a training session, join us as part of the Budget LoB’s Detailee Program, or present at one of our Forums. College and graduate students — contact us about internship opportunities. There is always a place to share your passion and ideas!

If you work outside of budget but have an interest in using MAX, let us know and we will introduce you to the MAX team.

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